How to Maximize the Use of Land When Building a Home

The ideal use of land does differ from culture, traditions and personalities. This article will be focusing on actualization of satisfaction by an ideal usage of land.

The supreme part to make the best use of limited land is to plan. It is certain that heavy planning must be considered before a parcel of land is used for construction purposes. The planning process is complex. It involves a coherent and mutual preparation by all the people concerned. In the case of a family home, the mutual benefit (comfort of everyone) must be considered and not sole benefits (comfort for some) of only one kin such as the parent. It is certain that the land available is restricted to its surface while ideas, wants and needs are abundant in comparison. This is why planning is critical. Once the first brick has been fixed, the cost of changing can be beyond thoughts.

Planning Phase 1

The main element in planning is to gather ideas. These thoughts can be gathered directly, by allowing individuals of concern to discuss about the matter. Some examples of the discussion will include; how many rooms are required, size of each the rooms and the type of house; a one or two store house. Major concerns are what is required in a garden and what will be planted. These are all significant questions that must be generated prior to the ultimate planning phase of the utilization of the land.

Planning phase 2

The easiest way to maximize the land availability is to build a two story house. The house can thus be constructed on a smaller surface area and the result will be more land left. However, this can turn to be an inappropriate approach. The house might be uncomfortable and perhaps slim in physical space. It is important to hire someone to design different models. This will give you a visible architecture of the concretization of ideas. At this stage all the personal plans gathered at phase 1 must be communicated to the designer so that he can integrate them into a professional plan.

Review Plan Phase 2

The architecture has been developed for the land. This design must be reviewed by the people concerned. They have the opportunity to think over the proposal and in order to confirm that the use of the land represent an ideal and maximum usage. Everything must be well located including the garden, doors, rooms, entrance, windows, trees and garage. If any changes are to be made they must be attested at this stage. This stage should be well thought for at least 2-3 month as things done in hurry never last long.

General advises

When planning something carefully it is best to seek opinions of friends and people with experience. The individual constructing the plan himself can be a good advisor but he might as well be marketer. The total surface area must be accounted in the plan. This will assure that the land is utilized to optimum and that maximum benefit can be derived from it.

Remember that maximizing the use of land, does not imply that more land should be left free. It rather constitutes that people using the land are satisfied. They have acquired something that they desire and they are happy with it.